And James Thompson is at it again. This time being involved as an extra in a fight scene. James has always had a love for action sequences and found this an enjoyable experience in going back to his roots. The project is called HEADHACKER and a link to the video can be found below:



Henry Thompson was featured on Peter Kane's live radio show on Gravity Radio shooting the breeze and talking all things movies.



James Thompson is taking the day away from Ezeaspi Productions to become a policeman... for another short film by the team from Flat 14 Productions.



Though our entry SMILEY had successfully made the deadline for the Colchester Film Festival it really came down to the wire and as a result including the cuts that were needed to fit the timeframe the overall project didnt feel like the best we could produce. And so for your viewing pleasure we have now completed the director's cut of SMILEY.


Also it has so far gone unsaid, but it should be noted that SMILEY was actually long time director Henry Thompson's debut acting role and he NAILED IT!











Lateley two thirds of the Thompson Brothers (Wayne Thompson and James Thompson) have been working with other production groups and directors on a project entitled EXILE. Wayne has been helping with green screen setups and plays a lead role alongside his daughter (Darienne Thompson), while James lent his beautiful face as an extra. After the buzz of Smiley James had his acting flame rekindled and will be found in other future productions.


For more on EXILE visit the IMDB Page




This weekend we have been imensenly busy with the Colchester 60Hr Film Festival. If you are unfamiliar it is a film contest in which they give you title, line of dialogue, and action to be used in a short film no longer than 5mins in length and this information is given to you in the middle of the night and from then you have exactly 60 hours to have it shot, edited, and entered. Sleeping was not an option.


For more on this visit:


And check out our entry SMILEY on vimeo at:



So, an update regarding our meeting with Merlin Entertainment. It looks to be that nothing will be moving forward on that terain. Unfortunately sometimes talking about business never becomes anything more than talking. Lots of other projects and potential partners to work on and with so the regardless the future is still exciting.



The short film SURVIVOR has just been uploaded to our youtube channel to be viewed for the first time outside of film Festivals; Most Notably being one of only a handful of British made short films to be accepted into the Toulsa Film Festival.


Check out the film here:





Another attendance to the NEFSOC monthly event in Middlesborough. This time it was our pleasure to debut our short film BATTERY. The film was well recieved and it was another fullfilling networking event. If you'd like to learn more about NEFSOC (North East Film Society) you can find them at the link below:



The Thompson Brothers have just returned from London where we have been taking care of business in the form of a meeting with the Creative Department of Merlin Entertainment. We had a phenomenal meeting and we are looking forward to the future where we'll be able to discuss it all in more detail.



Back at it dirty and wreckless everyone!
HEADS UP: Monday MAY 11TH 2015 we will be filming a comedy and we are looking for some NINJAS! If you'd like to be a NINJA contact us or talk to us via Facebook!



All work has stopped on everything for a brief period as the AVENGERS has been released!



Scouting locations and adding a few more projects into development. Now we just need to loosen a few purse strings from people to get these things off the ground!



In case no one figured it out: Too old to Die was an April Fools Joke. Please stop asking why we have stopped making TOO YOUNG TO DIE!



Hey everyone, check out the teaser trailer for our new up and coming original horror drama!




How exciting is that?! If you like it please visit, comment and SUBSCRIBE to our official YouTube channel. Thanks guys!


Upcoming excitement:


Filming a pilot for GRAVE DIGGER'S DIARIES on the 26th of March.
Filming a skit for BROS VERSUS HOES on the 31st of March and 1st of April (No joke!)


All happening in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

If you'd like more information, get in touch!



The first few skeptic challenges are in editing.
Black and White has a teaser coming together.
Bros versus Hoes is in pre-production.
Too Young to Die is still gaining ground.

Feeling busy around here!



... Nope.



Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some (like the remake of the movie of the same name!) Another Skeptic challenge down and one happening tonight, keep your eyes peeled ghost busters. We'll let you know if there is any paranormal activity!


It's groundhog day everyone! I can think of worse days to get looped than this one:

Happening pretty soon. Why not get involved?! Contact us here.



The Skeptic Challenge will be filming FEBRUARY 7th 2015!

At Lemington Hall in Alnwick, Northumberland.

Two paranormal teams will be investigating the property - the first ever investigation it has had!

And as well as the three Thompson brothers, guests are welcome. Get in touch if you'd like to be involved!


More info coming soon!



We can finally talk about one of our pet projects: The Skeptic challenge! We filmed a pilot for this a while back - and we're back at it again, filming a new episode! Guests are invited to join in and be a part of this episode. For more information or if you'd like to be a part of this, get in touch via our contact page now!



OK, everyone this about back up and running. Our offical Too Young to Die facebook page has over 200 likes! Not bad for a flick that isn't even in production yet! Keep 'em coming guys! Might make the money men loosen their purse strings.



From the Thompson brothers and everyone at Eze as Pi Productions!



Edging the year out, we look back and it has been a rollercoaster. We've went from being fairly obscure to having a few fans and a lot of attention (though never enough yet!) for our upcoming films and our recent shorts and of course made some fantastic connections like future Bruce Campbell BILL OBERST JR. getting involved with our film. It's been a wild year. And we hope that 2015 is bigger and better. Currently it's all shaping up nicely. With your support we will be able to bring you some great flicks and we can't wait.


Thank you for all of your support. Everyone.



Our TV pilot SKEPTICS is in post production and we have already signed up to shoot a second - bigger episode on FEBURARY 7TH 2015. We are looking to fill the guest ranks up so if you are interested in joining some paranormal investigators as well as the Eze crew who will be on hand to talk loudly and opinionate on all events in a fantastic creepy location in ALNWICK, then please get in touch here!


Seats are going fast! More information on the location and event will be listed just after Christmas as details are finalised!



Nice to know so many people have enjoyed our sizzle reel and we've had some great comments asking to see more! Well more is coming in 2015, that is for sure. We have a few irons in the fire, rest assured. More background than public work going on right now, but keep watching this space.



Our new SIZZLE REEL is live, check it out!




This short shows off a sampling of the work we've been up to the last few years, aswell as a taste of things to come. Watch this space for more and feel free to comment, we love hearing from our fans! Also if you dig this, please SUBSCRIBE to our official YouTube channel.


We've been very quiet on here lately (and facebook and twitter and all that fun stuff.) Sorry about that. A lot of behind the scenes stuff going on the last few months. Talking with actors and producers, investors, film fans and festivals, venues, locations and councils, among others - all leading toward Too Young to Die.


Keep your fingers crossed everyone. We haven't secured all funding yet, but we may have the locations locked and we're having a lot of talks. There will be more news in the new year and in the meantime more content and media should begin to filter out aswell from some of the other projects we're working on.


Side effect of keeping busy: Ignoring telling everyone how busy we are. We're working on that though!



Happy Halloween everyone! Probably our favorite time of year. Like living a film production seeing all the costumes running around! Maybe we need to get out more?



Another local supporter of ours now sponsors our film Too Young to Die! MFA BOWL NEWCASTLE is a great place and they have helped us in the past with using the alley as a location in an upcoming project, as well as supporting our future productions. If you are on the West Road sometime you should hop in and say Eze as Pi sent you!




New content in production now. Just keeping you posted as we've been so quiet lately!


A piece of fantastically good news as far as financing our next film goes; NO FEAR clothing company is SPONSORING Too Young to Die! Hopefully this is the first of many companies who will be contributing to the film, through funding or products. One step closer to making this movie!





We have a new member of the team: Brad Johnson our man in the US. An associate producer looking to help secure US investment in our films.




We're still hard at work trying to pay the bills. Coming soon, some new footage and showreels as well as more information on some new projects we're working on in conjunction with Too Young to Die.





Two new prototype posters for TOO YOUNG TO DIE here. Check them out! We love feed back, so by all means let us know. Scary? Lame? SUPER AWESOME? let us know.


(Click a poster to view the full size version)




Our short film SURVIVOR was shown at the TOLFA international film festival in Italy!



We're still here. Working away. "Why does everything in this business always take so long?" Because it's hard work to sell dreams! Bear with us.



the Grave Podcast interview is live: Episode 19 - sign of the cross. Check it out HERE! Was a real blast to have these guys interview us, they know their horror and it shows.




Wayne and Henry have done an interview with the Grave Podcast crew about Too Young to Die and horror in general. Check it out when it goes live on the 25th of June here!




Actor Bill Oberst Jr. Has signed an intent to play Mr. Conners in our film Too Young to Die. We've very excited about it! Bill said: "I am delighted to be a potential part of this innovative project... I'd pay to see this movie!" How cool is that?!




A few new ideas are in the pipe line and expect to see a few changes to our YouTube channel in June and a lot of new content coming out - and more news about our next films. - films plural. Yes.




So, the Too Young to Die indiegogo campaign has come and gone and was kind of a massive failure.

Kind of in the sense that we did not raise our goal - not even 1% of it!


However, it was also a fantastic learning curve for us and we received a lot of great press and gained a lot of new fans. While this venture didn't take off in this way, the movie will still be made and is still coming. We're just looking to different roads to go down for it.


Also, to those who DID contribute some cash on the campaign, don't worry for the extra delay in getting your movie we have a few plans to reward you guys good and proper for your support. It means a lot to us and we won't forget it.


So keep watching this space!




Some new and exciting stuff coming soon.

We will soon be introducing a new collaborative writing project, using many authors, it's early stages, so we can't really spill many details, but suffice to say it's ambitious and crazy and may be borderline too much to print. We'll see as it progresses and will be updating information on it soon.


In the meantime, if the word collaborative got your attention and you happen to do a bit of writing, feel free to use our contact form and get in touch, there may be a place for you in the madness! All will be explained via Email.



New Trailer for Too Young to Die, check it out and Please tell your friends if you like it!



More great press for our crowd funded (hopefully!) film Too Young to Die!



New Trailer for Too Young to Die, check it out and Please tell your friends if you like it!



We've been getting a lot of media attention. Check out some of it here!



WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please tell your friends and share on facebook and Twitter, we really appreciate it!




Also, check out the first teaser trailer for Too Young to die.

Also available is a message from Wayne Thompson: HERE,
And a Question and Answers session where we discuss the movie.
Not to mention behind the scenes on how we created Rod zombie!
And the official website has been updated:


Lots of updates coming in the near future too, but more than anything.


Oh also in the news, our film SURVIVOR will be shown in Italy at the Tolfa international film festival. All in all, exciting times! Keep checking back, tell your friends and thank you for checking the site!


Awful quiet on here lately, as we've been gearing up some new stuff.

First and foremost; check out the new website for Too Young to Die!


There is going to be a lot of news in the next few weeks regarding this project. If you'd like to be kept up to date, on the website you can apply to have all updates sent straight to your email!



Also, please like the official facebook page for the film:


Keep checking back, liking, sharing and following. Lots of news coming soon!


Happy Pi Day everyone!



The shoot went pretty great, and there will be some big news for TOO YOUNG TO DIE pretty soon. In the meantime, we'd like to offer a sample of what to expect from the project...


Please feel free to DOWNLOAD the Too Young to die Theme (demo) by Stephen Cooper! Or listen to it on the site here.


This demo pretty much sums up the kind of emotional journey this film will be. Let us know what you think on facebook! And keep checking in, some big updates coming soon.




This Saturday, in the evening, on Church Steet in Seaham, Durham, UK, We'll be filming the last part of our teaser trailer for TOO YOUNG TO DIE. You're welcome to join us and BE A ZOMBIE! Coming down for the trailer, gets you a spot in the movie once funding is in place.


Too Young to die, the basic plot: A group of children are trapped alone as an outbreak streaks through the land, bringing the dead back. The kids band together to survive, but can they? All alone...


The script is finished and open to investors now, and may be coming to crowdfunding also. If you'd like more information or a copy of the script, contact us HERE or directly at now!


Please jump on facebook and tell your friends! Share and like to get this thing made!



P.S. If you don't know where the heck Seaham is...




Grave digger's diary pilot outline is complete.


Completed a few photoshoots and filmed the first half of the first episode of Alpha Dawgs. A new web series which will premiere summer 2014.



SURVIVOR is out to festivals and the official Electronic press kit is available now HERE.

WHY is also out to festivals now and its official Electronic press kit is available HERE.


Our press kits include a lot of detailed information about the movies.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE 3rd draft available now and out to investors. If you have interest, Contact us!


CHAMBERS OF FEAR - IN THE BAG has its 1st draft available now. If you have interest, Contact us!


WALK AWAY is still awaiting Post Production funding and a new trailer will be available soon!


More information will be coming soon, as there is a few small projects in the pipeline.

... News from 2013 and beyond  


"Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be." - Marsha Petrie Sue.