Wayne Thompson - Managing Director
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British Born Wayne Thompson started acting at a young age. Performing in school plays and taking to the stage whenever he could. Despite moving forward with a nine to five as a Nursing assistant, Wayne focused his spare time on his acting and became a member of Equity and spotlight.


A horror fan, Wayne has always loved the art of practical effects and makeup. He applied his passion and got a VTCT diploma in Theatrical and media makeup. Within a few years he'd worked on more than 20 short and feature films. Primarily low budget, as actor, make up technician, boom operator, fight choreographer, stunt man, whatever was needed. He was there to do it.


An accomplished writer as well, before starting with Eze as Pi Productions, Wayne already had several short films he'd written featured around the North East, produced by other houses.


After meeting with Henry and James, becoming a Thompson brother, Henry pushed Wayne to start directing and helped produce his directorial debut "A test of faith" A short film about a priest's struggle to keep his faith in light of shocking events.


A number of personal events and health issues kept Wayne from pushing forward for a while, but he's fighting back against these strains and regardless, he has written several feature scripts, produced a few more short films and focuses on the future, seeking investment for the next feature to turn this movie making passion into a 24/7 career.


Back on track.


Currently working on: Securing investment for the next big thing and writing.


Back up!