Who Eze as Pi Productions is

Wayne Thompson - Managing director

@MrWayneThompson - Email - IMDB - Facebook
Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Make up Artist.


Wayne has been working as an actor and make up effects artist for over 10 years. In that time he has appeared in TV shows, short and feature films. (Not to mention stunt riding, fight choreography, etc.)
The last few years, has been primarily working on his own. Producing and directing are just additional feathers in his filmmakers cap. Further establishing his dedication and passion for film.


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Henry P.Thompson - Creative director

@EzeasPi - Email - IMDB - Facebook - Linkedin
Producer, Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Artist, Photographer, Editor, Visual Effects, Sound mixer, Web developer.


American ex-patriot and ex-Graphic artist/photographer; Henry has a deep run passion for all media. Movies, TV shows, games, music, he loves it all and wants to dabble in it all. Aside from executive producing everything Eze as Pi has made, writing and directing WalkAway, and actively developing new scripts, he is working on some concepts for video games.



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James E.Thompson - Producer

@MrJimmyThompson - Email - IMDB - Facebook
Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Artist.


Jim started his acting carrer in the theatre back home in Bermuda while he produced his own Web-comic for a few years. Jim moved to the UK looking to further his acting, starting with a lead role in WalkAway.
Always a writer, since his comic days, the Thompson brothers collaborate on everything now, Jim's particular brand of action and humor being a perfect fit with the Eze as Pi mentality of writing.


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Wayne Madden - Logistics Manager

@WayneMadden - Email - Facebook
Logistics manager, Location scout, Social media supervisor, Press, Blogger, Grip.


Working in journalism and radio since his teens, Wayne Madden has carved an interesting career for himself. Shaking hands with just about every rock god that has shredded a guitar and scoring snappy sound bites at the same time. (Connections!)

Conscripted into a haunted house, his first meeting with Eze as Pi was a strange one, but he is a natural fit to the team. A creative speaker and thinker, he adds his own penchant for writing and management to the social side of Eze as Pi, as well as securing locations.

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Roland Macintosh - Composer

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Roland is a big fan of classic synthesiser based composers like Vangelis and aims to provide that same grandeur to his work, as well as an offbeat sensibility. Discordant and vibrant at times, his music is always a labor of passion for both audio and film. A new addition to the team, Roland is currently scoring two projects, but the demos produced so far have been very well received!




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