Henry P.Thompson - Creative Director
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Henry Phillip Thompson was a child of the 80s. And in 1988 he was given a birthday present that altered his life and dreams forever. His present was to see the premiere of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' which opened on his birthday.


He was so engrossed he knew right there what he wanted to be when he grew up. A cartoon Character. When he got a little older he revised this dream to become a Writer and Director.


Henry spent a lot of his latter childhood making short movies with his friends and a handy cam and finding he didn't have enough friends to make some of his ideas come to fruition, he would often stage much bigger stories through stop motion animation and his GI Joe collection. One movie in particular he spent over six months making, the final product being over an hour long and really, really poorly dubbed.


Troubled times and a family tragedy during his teens meant that Henry had to drop out of school and eventually leave home. Briefly living with friends or on the streets. But at 18 he moved from America to England to live with his mother and started a new life.


He worked as a self taught Graphic Artist and Web designer for a few years but never lost his lust for filmmaking. In 2006 He decided to just plain do it. He formed Eze as Pi Productions and began work on a script he'd had an idea for. The next year he shot the Self financed WALKAWAY for under 15,000 pounds. During the shoot he met Wayne Thompson. Quickly they realised they had the same outlook and tastes and Wayne joined Eze as Pi.


After a couple of years off, due to more trouble personal times, Henry is back doing what he loves. Backed up by his new brothers, he is working on new movies, scripts, ideas, as well as putting WalkAway back into post production and getting it all lined up to be finished.


Outside of Eze as Pi, Henry works freelance with Street Level DMG.


Current projects: Pitching Too Young to die, editing WalkAway, and writing episodes for As the World Burns and Gravedigger's diaries.


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