Birthday Girl

Short Film - Thriller (In Post-Production)



Written and Directed by The Thompson Brothers
Based on a story by Malcolm Holt


As she nears her seventh birthday all Melissa wishes for is to spend time with her older sister Charlotte. But Charlotte is a teenager. Always full of angst. Always alone in her room. Always trying to scare Melissa. Teasing her about monsters. She says that’s why she is who she is. She's seen the monsters. And Melissa will tonight. But Monsters don’t exist. Do they?



Entered Pre-Production June 20 2016.

Auditions will be held July 10 2016 - times and location to be announced later.

Start date for production intended to begin July 29 2016.

Production pushed to August 2016.

Filming started August 22 2016.

Filming ended August 25 2016.

Post production begins: September 1 2016.




Chris Iddon - Paul

Stevie Ward - Linda

Abbey Stobbs - Charlotte

Katie Ellis - Melissa

Bryn Jones - Buddy

Philip Moon - Jimmy

Johnny Sample - Disappointed Party guest

Robert Adams - Master DJ



Writer / Director / Producer / DOP / Editor - Henry Thompson

Writer / Director / Producer / Special Make up Effects - Wayne Thompson

Writer / Director / Producer - James Thompson

Executive Producer - Malcolm Holt

Visual Effects - Walton Vendrell

Sound Mix / Foley - Max Black

Grip - Danielle Millican






Screenplay adapated from a short story by Malcolm Holt.

Lead actress replaced within 14 hours of starting filming.

  More to come soon!