It ain't easy bein' Eze





We are still at it with full force and some good leads for the near future. But aside from our priority of aquiring funding for our more lucritive projects, this year we will also be producing both short and feature films. In doing so we will also be strengthening our relationships with other UK North East filmakers throughout collaborations, and Wayne and James Thompson continuing to lend thier acting expertise to other productions of which we will be posting more information here in the near future. Stayed tuned cuz 2016 is going to be exciting!




For us, last year was peaks and valleys. We met and worked with a lot of great people. Had a lot of interest in our flicks, especially Too Young to Die, even some investment interest (these things don’t happen overnight). We had meetings in fancy hotels, bars and multi-million pound office buildings.


They didn’t all come to much, but some have threads we’re taking into the new year.

We've been featured on websites, print, TV, radio. Slowly gathering fans as we go.

We’ve learned from our mistakes and are encouraged by our successes. This year we are more deliberate. We promote tons of ideas at once to see which one people want the most – this year we’ve culled that to a few and are keeping them as priorities while the rest can sit and collect dust or be sold off.

We are full of renewed vigor. And have a lot of things to show you this year. Please, keep an eye out.




... Last Year in detail.  


"Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be." - Marsha Petrie Sue.