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New Trailer for Too Young to Die, check it out and Please tell your friends if you like it!



We've been getting a lot of media attention. Check out some of it here!



WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! http://igg.me/at/TooYoungtoDie Please tell your friends and share on facebook and Twitter, we really appreciate it!



Also, check out the first teaser trailer for Too Young to die.

Also available is a message from Wayne Thompson: HERE,
And a Question and Answers session where we discuss the movie.
Not to mention behind the scenes on how we created Rob zombie!
And the official website has been updated: www.WeareTooYoungtoDie.com


Lots of updates coming in the near future too, but more than anything.


Oh also in the news, our film SURVIVOR will be shown in Italy at the Tolfa international film festival. All in all, exciting times! Keep checking back, tell your friends and thank you for checking the site!



Awful quiet on here lately, as we've been gearing up some new stuff.

First and foremost; check out the new website for Too Young to Die!


There is going to be a lot of news in the next few weeks regarding this project. If you'd like to be kept up to date, on the website you can apply to have all updates sent straight to your email!



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Happy Pi Day everyone!




The shoot went pretty great, and there will be some big news for TOO YOUNG TO DIE pretty soon. In the meantime, we'd like to offer a sample of what to expect from the project...


Please feel free to DOWNLOAD the Too Young to die Theme (demo) by Stephen Cooper! Or listen to it on the site here.


This demo pretty much sums up the kind of emotional journey this film will be. Let us know what you think on facebook! And keep checking in, some big updates coming soon.







This Saturday, in the evening, on Church Steet in Seaham, Durham, UK, We'll be filming the last part of our teaser trailer for TOO YOUNG TO DIE. You're welcome to join us and BE A ZOMBIE! Coming down for the trailer, gets you a spot in the movie once funding is in place.


Too Young to die, the basic plot: A group of children are trapped alone as an outbreak streaks through the land, bringing the dead back. The kids band together to survive, but can they? All alone...


The script is finished and open to investors now, and may be coming to crowdfunding also. If you'd like more information or a copy of the script, contact us HERE or directly at director@ezeaspi.com now!


Please jump on facebook and tell your friends! Share and like to get this thing made!





P.S. If you don't know where the heck Seaham is...




Grave digger's diary pilot outline is complete.


Completed a few photoshoots and filmed the first half of the first episode of Alpha Dawgs. A new web series which will premiere summer 2014.



SURVIVOR is out to festivals and the official Electronic press kit is available now HERE.

WHY is also out to festivals now and its official Electronic press kit is available HERE.


Our press kits include a lot of detailed information about the movies.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE 3rd draft available now and out to investors. If you have interest, Contact us!


CHAMBERS OF FEAR - IN THE BAG has its 1st draft available now. If you have interest, Contact us!


WALK AWAY is still awaiting Post Production funding and a new trailer will be available soon!


More information will be coming soon, as there is a few small projects in the pipeline.


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